Shortcodes for Affiliate Easel

One of the powerful features of Affiliate Easel is the ability to insert amazon images and data within any post or page using simple WordPress shortcodes.

In your WordPress editor, simply type the shortcode and your post will then have the image, tile, price or other information you specify. A typical shortcode would be an item search like this:
[az_easel item="B004A8ZRBA"] (see: a complete list of all shortcode attributes and values)
That will return an item with the same appearance you have set for your search result items. Below is the result:

Amazon Error.

And now for something completely different

However, sometimes you will want the appearance to look different than you search results. You can add additional parameters to do this. If I want a smaller image only, I need to remove the title, byline, list price and amazon price. I also don’t want the image to float left. Here’s what the shortcode looks like:

[az_easel item="B004A8ZRBA" show_image="small" show_title="" show_byline="" show_list="" show_az="" float=""]

Now here’s what the result looks like:

Amazon Error.

For most attributes, simply listing them as empty quotes will leave them out. (see: a complete list of all shortcode attributes and values)

Multiple items

to show multiple items in a post, there is no need to create multiple shortcodes. You can include up to ten ASIN numbers separated by commas.
[az_easel item="B004A8ZRB0,B004A8ZRBA" ]

Entire Categories

You can also create an entire page based on a category like so:
[az_easel node="1000" index="Books" ]
This will give you a page for all video games. See the result here: Shop Books
(see: a complete list of all shortcode attributes and values)

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  2. Hi,

    I get the following error message when adding [az_easel item="0789746344"]

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/flatbell/public_html/wp-content/plugins/affiliate-easel-for-amazon/affiliate-easel.php on line 853

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