New Search-Bar for posts

Starting with version 1.1.0 Affiliate-Easel now allows you to place a search bar in any post or page. This is not a widget (which has been supported since version 1.0) but another shortcode you can put in your post.

The code looks something like this: [easel_search page=http://bookspree.com/easel/?page_id=45 select=Books]

The actual widget looks like this (Try it. It works!):

The page attribute is the page you want to use for results of the search. It’s optional BUT if you don’t include it, it will return results on the page you are on. That’s OK IF you have a node search widget on the page, the search results will appear in it. If not, there won’t be any search results. You can either use the slug for the page (the part of the URL after your blog homepage address) or the full URL of the page.

The select attribute allows you to choose which category is chosen in the search-bar menu. This is useful if you want to have a page on a topic and encourage searches to also be in that topic. It is also optional and if you don’t include it, it will default to “All.” The list of categories is the same as the index attribute in the az_easel shortcode.