Version 1.1.2: Graceful Errors, Image only attribute

I just checked in a new version of Affiliate-Easel-for-Amazon which has 2 major changes:

Error Handling

There was a problem with errors sometimes appearing on pages near the end of each hour. This was not caused by our plugin but by Amazon’s new “Efficiency Guidelines.”

Amazon has limited the number of requests to their API per account, per hour starting October 2010. This is unfortunate but apparently some users were sending repeated data requests to Amazon for purposes other than selling. However, if you are selling items through the API (that includes this plugin) Amazon will increase your limit.

The errors used to spew a bunch of URL text and PHP errors. Now it simply says “Amazon Error” and a title attribute explains the likely reason. It’s not perfect but the only way to reduce this error is to sell more things.

Thanks Amazon.

Image only

This was something I planned all along but only just added. If you want to add only the image of an item in a post or excerpt, just include the attribute only=image and all the titles, prices, etc, will be turned-off. Use it like this:
[az_easel item="0439023521" only=image]. I will add this to the documentation next. Other, non-visible attributes will still work.