All Shortcode Attributes and Values

Affiliate Easel shortcodes are very flexible. They will take on a default appearance with just a few simple attributes but they can be completely customized. Here is a table of attributes and values.

Affiliate easel shortcodes
Attribute Possible values Description
Required Basics Only one of item, search, or node
item= varies ASIN or ISBN number from amazon in quotes e.g.:
[az_easel item="B004A8ZRBA" ]
search= varies A search phrase in quotes e.g.:
[az_easel search="Harry Potter"]
node= An Amazon Node page e.g.: “1000” You can find a node by looking at the URL on an Amazon category page:{Browse Node ID}
When using this attribute, index= is also required.

[az_easel node="1000" index="Books"]

index= "All"
The search index e.g.: “Books”

Use this to narrow a search to a specific type of product.

Required when using node=

Optional Features Default values for each below are the same as your settings for Search Results.
show_title = "h1" – X-Large
"h2" – Large
"h3" – Medium
"h4" – Small
"p" – normal text
"" (empty) to hide
This controls the appearance of the title of the book or the name of the item. The tags will appear as the current style defined by your WordPress theme for the most part.

Actually, most block level and enclosing html tags will work here but not all are appropriate.

show_image = "Small" – up to 75px square
"Medium" – up to 160px square
"Large" – up to 500px square
These Images are provided by Amazon and in some cases are not full size or may not exist at all. Amazon offers 3 sizes.
show_byline = "" (empty) – to hide
"true" – to show
This will include the Author, Illustrator and may include some attributes such as Paperback, DVD etc.
show_ratings = "" (empty) – to hide
"true" – to show
This will display an iframe (a window containing another web page) with reviews for the current product.
show_related = "" (empty) – to hide
"true" – to show
Related Items if present.
show_versions = "" (empty) – to hide
"true" – to show
Other versions if present
show_content = "true" – to show
"0" or "" (empty) – to hide
The description and editorial content form Amazon. Warning: This can be anywhere from a sentance to a huge page of text and images.
float= "true" – to float
"" (empty) – to hide
Floats the image left so prices, and content flow to the right.
only= 'image' (anything else will have no effect) Version 1.1.2 or later only! Will display only the product image and not any other visible options such as title and prices. Useful for excerpts.
Prices Prices contain links to Amazon for affiliate credit.
show_list = "true" – to show
"" (empty) – to hide
Manufacturers List Price. Good to have for comparison to the almost always lower Amazon Price.
show_az = "true" – to show
"" (empty) – to hide
Amazon Price (if available) – direct from amazon, usually eligible for free shipping
show_azn = "true" – to show
"" (empty) – to hide
Amazon Marketplace sellers lowest new price (if available).
show_azu = "true" – to show
"" (empty) – to hide
Amazon Marketplace sellers lowest used price (if available).
show_azr = "true" – to show
"" (empty) – to hide
Amazon Marketplace sellers lowest refurbished price (if available).
show_azc = "true" – to show
"" (empty) – to hide
Amazon Marketplace sellers lowest collectable price (if available).

2 thoughts on “All Shortcode Attributes and Values”

  1. I tried to email several times and respond to your own email but don’t get a response back, here were my questions about the affiliate easel product:

    First Question:
    I need to embed the search bar into a post or a page instead of in a widget on the sidebar, there appears to be no way to do this with the plugin. Only on the sidebar, is there any way to put it manually into a single.php, header.php or other php code that can call upon the “search” bar?

    Most blogs don’t have a wide search bar and may want to put a search on top of the store page instead of in a sidebar.

    Second Question:
    The easel itself shortcode is still a bit cumbersome for the average user to remember without constantly having to cut/paste the shortcode, is it possible to write in a “button” into the WordPress editor so you can just click it (it pop’s up with a ASIN field” you fill in the ASIN field click OK and it auto fills the easel shortcode into the post?

    1. Hi Justin

      As we have talked through email (now working) the latest version of Affiliate Easel now has a shortcode search-bar. And it’s my goal through continued development to add easier ways to add shortcodes. I don’t have news on this yet but stay tuned.

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