POAO Fidget Spinner Toys for Add, ADHD, Anxiety and Autism Adult Children

POAO Fidget Spinner Toys for Add, ADHD, Anxiety and Autism Adult Children

Product Description

When will I receive my item? POAO: Free 2-day shipping with amazon prime. To ensure your product quality, please purchase from the fba seller: Youeeku buyer: What's the difference between POAO upgraded spinner and any other spinner on amazon? POAO: 1) more durable: The outside of the weight is the rubber, it works like a shield too, so if you accidently drop it, so there's no harm done to the spinner. 2) much brighter color fidget spinner to match your mood. 3) more quiet, you can take it to school or your company, so that it would not disturb others. 4) spin much longer, guarantee 2+ spin time, unlike any other cheap spinner.

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